The burgeoning world of one million luscious DZIRES


Event Date: 1st & 2nd August 2015

Venue: Ambience Mall, Gurgaon

For families around the world a car has never been just a mode of transport but a world of four wheel zooming its way into a network of paths and roads, creating memories especially the sweet ones.

When a phenomenal name in the automobile industry contacted us to design an experiential public art installation for them celebrating their car DZIRE crossing one million mark, our creative juices curated sweetness with a sumptuous message for consumption. Just like how a family celebrates with sweets on buying a new car, the entire world translates happiness to sweets.

His 25 glorious years as an internationally exhibited artist exploring the niche of public art installations with the creative potential in anything from metal junk to steel, had Mr. Gopal Namjoshi conceive of the creative potential in boxes of sweets. He believes that the beauty of a design is in its simplicity and also in the way it engages the viewer. Thus began the inception of a world strenuously as well as artistically put together with boxes of sweets bringing alive the essence of each single Dzire building up to one million Dzires.

On day one, the hustle bustle right inside the mall became our blank canvas. We had to start from the scratch and establish the savoury world of sweetness, box by box, with the help of nothing but perfectly strategized staking. The activity that went on for 10 challenging hours had the viewers curiously anticipating to discover the idea of those elegant white unlabeled boxes gradually building up something.

By the end of day a beautiful 30ft x 8ft x 10.5ft Cityscape was created with the help of 1 Million grams of chocolate in 1 Lakh boxes.

The next day after having successfully been the topic of discussion inside that arena and almost the entire town, the DZIRE was unveiled, completing the picture and the brand message- spirit of celebration. The intricacy of this exquisite structure of chocolate boxes was that it revealed itself systematically, unfolding the layers of functionality and mechanisms embedded in its design, as a group of mime artists and anchors engaged the customers and distributed the boxes one by one, encompassing every soul present there, in this contagious spirit of celebration.

With the last box of chocolate distributed, the design built with so much integrity and hard work, lost its complete structure while gaining a permanent reflection in the minds of the people who were a part of this celebration. In the End, the Artist Gopal Namjoshi had the last piece of Chocolate, making a sweet memory and savoring the moment with ultimate joy and satisfaction.